How We Help Executives Succeed

An inside look at how we brought Jesse Moyer’s story to life in the pages of American Builders Quarterly.

by Elyse Schultz

Every day, we talk to executives about what they do and how our media brands can help them accomplish their goals. Jesse Moyer, head of global retail store design at Levi Strauss & Co., was a great example of what we do. We noticed that Moyer had a really strong social media presence, and we got the sense that he wanted to share his insights and work with a wider audience. He hadn’t worked for Levi’s very long when we first spoke, but he was representing the company enthusiastically, so one of our Content & Advertising Managers connected with him to showcase his work in American Builders Quarterly.

Moyer is the young entrepreneurial type; he has great experience and is very accomplished, but he is still making his way and was really down-to-earth. We discussed how we could team up to showcase all the strong work he’s been doing at Levi’s. He told us about the decision-making that goes into creating the look and feel behind Levi’s stores, and how the design is meant to make the customers feel. We talked about his goals for innovating such an iconic brand in a way that appeals to new markets as well as their classic consumer, and we spoke about how the design of the stores should reflect the old and the new.

Jesse Moyer of Levi Strauss & Co. appeared on the October/November/December 2016 issue of American Builders Quarterly.

After securing advertising for the feature from Moyer’s business partners, we introduced Moyer to our creative team, who worked closely with Moyer to craft an article. Moyer’s story was so inspirational that we chose it for the cover of the magazine. We sent a photographer to conduct a photo shoot in San Francisco. After the story came out, Moyer was thrilled. He used the article to help share the hard work he and his team are doing through an outside perspective. Moyer has been able to use it as a promotional tool for himself and the business.

Every day, our team gets to spend their days talking to executives about their projects, career challenges, and passions. These are people who are brilliant and influential in their fields and who are making enormous impact within their companies. We’re really proud to have a hand in helping executive’s like Moyer tell their story and bring great recognition to the work they do.