OpenWork: Being Intentional with Devin Reed

by Guerrero

In this episode of OpenWork, we speak with Gong’s Devin Reed about the current state of content marketing, the importance of being authentic and intentional, and his best tips on how to break through the noise and dominate on LinkedIn.

Watch this exclusive interview between Vianni Lubus, Head of Audience and Engagement, Guerrero Media and Devin Reed, Head of Content Strategy, Gong.

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OpenWork is a video series that highlights some of the world’s most inspiring and minds in business. Presented by Guerrero Media, each live interview scales great lessons that you can take back to your company and community, exposing you to inspiring stories and relevant insights from top inclusive leaders you may or may not know about.

About Devin Reed

Devin Reed is a SaaS sales professional turned marketer. He was the second sales hire at Gong in 2017, and is now the Head of Content Strategy where he’s responsible for sales research, content marketing, social media.

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