OpenWork: Betting on Yourself with Raleigh Wilkins

by Guerrero

In this episode of OpenWork, we speak with Sales Platoon’s Raleigh Wilkins about best practices for hiring military talent, his passion for sales, and the importance of betting on yourself.

Watch this exclusive interview between Kyle Evangelista, President and Group Publisher, Guerrero Media and Raleigh Wilkins, Founder and Executive Director, Sales Platoon.

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About Raleigh Wilkins

Raleigh Wilkins is the founder and Chief Revenue Officer of Sales Platoon, Wheeler-Wilkins, and Ground Truth Sales System, and draws from his experiences as a U.S. Marine, executive business leader, sales professional, and entrepreneur to help organizations build sales teams and achieve new levels of success.

He uniquely combines leadership development, sales enablement, sales training, and goal-setting into strategies and techniques that empower team members and leaders to hit top-line sales goals, increase profit and scale sustainably. As a speaker, advisor, and coach, Raleigh’s training sessions provide the practical ‘ground-truth’ tools needed to achieve greater results. Tying together personal stories seamlessly with professional experiences, he is a gifted storyteller who inspires audiences as he describes his life-changing journey from foster care through the US Marines, across a 20-year career overcoming adversity, and personal challenges as he transformed failure to success and became a true servant leader.