Exploring a Different Lifestyle and Career with Brooke Rigert, Client Services Manager

Brooke Rigert discusses her leadership style, family life, and what she loves about working at Guerrero

by Cristina Merrill

Anyone’s who’s interested in exploring a different lifestyle and even career can easily look to Guerrero Client Services Manager Brooke Rigert for inspiration. Her road to Guerrero started when she decided to exchange the suburbs of Chicago for the downtown life.

Now, working remotely from Colorado, she shares how she and the client services team are more connected than ever.

Brooke RigertWhere are you originally from and what is your background? 

I am originally from Detroit, Michigan. We moved to Naperville, Illinois, when I was three, where I grew up. To this day, Naperville is where my heart is.

I graduated from Illinois State University in Normal, Illinois, where I majored in community health education, lived in a house with my best friends and our dogs, and fully immersed myself into volunteer work and school activities. Aside from academics, much of my time was spent volunteering and working as a Starbucks barista.

After graduation, I went on to work for an investment firm, working as a project manager and corporate asset manager, and, soon after, bought my first house in Winfield, Illinois.

How did you first come to work for Guerrero? 

My good friend and roommate at the time worked at Guerrero. She’d share stories with me about the conversations she had with executives and raved about the culture, people, and work/life balance. About six years ago, after making the decision to sell my house and move to downtown Chicago, I began looking for new work opportunities. It wasn’t soon after that I interviewed at Guerrero and found myself exactly where I wanted to be.

What do you do at Guerrero today? 

I am a client services manager. We are a small, yet powerful, team of three. Once a contract is signed, I work with our clients to coordinate deliverables and collect payment, as well as collaborate interdepartmentally to ensure all client requests are met and we deliver what was agreed upon. Starting out as a content and advertising manager helped make my transition into client services seamless.

How would you describe your leadership style? 

My leadership style is composed of team-focused needs and strengths, transparency in process and goals, leading by example, providing support and strategies for success, and educating team members to make informed decisions.

Brooke Rigert

How have you maintained a connection with your team during the pandemic? 

Our team has always been remote, so the pandemic didn’t impact us in that regard, though somehow it has fostered a stronger connection and better communication. That said, we are always connected via emails, Slack messages, and group chats. We have a Zoom call every Wednesday where we catch up on both work and personal updates. Our team has moved mountains since the pandemic, and I believe our connectedness has been the driving force to our success.

How has Guerrero evolved over the years? What’s the most marked difference from when you started? 

Since I started six years ago, I have seen tremendous growth in our processes, our people, our brands, our vision—the list goes on. Amid the changes in staff over the years, the chemistry and culture have remained consistent. The biggest difference has been adjusting to this new remote climate since the pandemic started and discovering that our success in collaboration hasn’t changed at all.

What makes Guerrero such a great place to work? 

The culture and work/life balance.

What do you like to do when you are not working?

My family lives in Colorado, so we like to be active and do things that involve the outdoors, especially when our eighteen-month-old daughter allows it. I love decorating our home and working on renovation projects, spending time with our three wild and crazy dogs, and, most importantly, watching our daughter grow and become cuter each day.

What else would you like to share about yourself?

I am certified as a postpartum doula!