We recognize, promote, & develop great executives.

Guerrero is an executive communications and advancement firm based in Chicago.

At the intersection of creativity & business.

We work with executives, entrepreneurs, and aspiring business leaders to harness the power of their story to ignite change in their organizations.

Our team is our strategic differentiator.

We’re strategic partners, nimble creatives, savvy sales professionals, smart operators, and talent hunters. Regardless of our role, we love bringing leadership stories to life.

Pedro Guerrero


Kevin Beauseigneur

VP, Creative

Vianni Lubus

VP, Hispanic Division

Kyle Evangelista

VP, Sales

Jaclyn Gaughan

Chief of Staff

Ollie Gaughan

Paisley Gaughan

David Martinez

Senior Director, Finance

Elyse Schultz

Director, Talent Acquisition

Haylee Himel

Senior Talent Acquisition Manager

Kevin Warwick

Editorial Director

Frannie Sprouls

Senior Editor

Cass Davis

Staff Photographer & Photo Editor

Melaina de la Cruz


KC Esper


Gillian Fry

Staff Photographer & Photo Editor

Gretchen PeGan


Melody Pohla


Andrew Tamarkin

Production Assistant

Hana Yoo


Billy Yost

Staff Writer

Ben Julia

Director, Sales

Krista Horbenko

Director, Strategic Partnerships

Taylor Frank

Director, Strategic Accounts

Jenny Vetokhin

Director, Business Development

Elif Negiz

Business Development Manager

Angela Reeves

Business Development Manager

Juanita Vivas

Business Development Researcher & Sales Analyst

Kathy Kantorski

Managing Director, Hispanic Division

Jill Ortiz

Senior Events Manager

Alexa Johnson

Sales Training Manager

Stacy Kraft

Circulation & Reprints Director

Rebekah Pappas

Senior Client Services Manager

Brooke Rigert

Client Services Manager

Megan Apfelbach

Content & Advertising Manager

Allyssa Bujdoso

Content & Advertising Manager

Justin Davidson

Content & Advertising Manager

Nicole Haas

Content & Advertising Manager

Brandon Havrilka

Content & Advertising Manager

Abby Levitsky

Content & Advertising Manager

Cameron Macko

Content & Advertising Manager

Kemp Pile

Sales Researcher

Kelly Stapleton

Organizational Effectiveness Specialist, Sales

Drew Thomas

Content & Advertising Manager

Kara Thomas

Associate Director, Strategic Development

Alex Tomalski

Content & Advertising Manager