Meet Actor, Model, and Stellar Sales Leader Justin Davidson, Onboarding Sales Director

Justin Davidson discusses the best parts about working at Guerrero, his college days, and a glamorous side gig

by Cristina Merrill

Justin Davidson

If Guerrero Media had to pick one team member who epitomizes the definition of “cool,” that would likely be Onboarding Sales Director Justin Davidson. Not only is he a respected and empathetic leader with a stellar sales track record, but he’s also found a success as an actor and model.

Bottom line: when you see him walking the red carpet at the Oscars, please remember that you read about him here first!

Where are you originally from, and what is your background? 

I’m originally from Galesburg, Illinois. I graduated from Augustana College in Rock Island, Illinois, where I majored in biology, played football, and ran track and field. I wanted to be a plastic surgeon at one point, but decided that was not really what I wanted to do.

How did you first come to work for Guerrero? 

A few of my former colleagues worked at Guerrero and they always spoke so highly of the company, its culture, and the work/life balance. I was looking to make a switch into more of a marketing role, so it aligned. I started in November 2018.

Justin Davidson

What do you do at Guerrero today? 

I am one of the onboarding sales directors, so I train the new content and advertising managers, who we refer to as CAMs.

How would you describe your leadership style? 

I’m very collaborative and direct. I will roll up my sleeves and do the work with my team.

How have you maintained a connection with your team during the pandemic? 

Slack, the use of incredibly funny gifs, and sharing my really biased sports takes. I’m a fan of the Chicago Bears for football and for basketball, it’s the Los Angeles Lakers all day!

How has Guerrero evolved over the years? What’s the most marked difference from when you started? 

We have become way more innovative. Hybrid/work-from-home flexibility was not an option when I first joined the company, but now we are really empowering our CAMs to be able to work anywhere.

Justin Davidson

What makes Guerrero such a great place to work?  

Everyone is always super collaborative and always down to help out.

What do you like to do when you are not working?

I am a signed actor and model, so sometimes I pose awkwardly for cool brands and whatnot.

Amazing! What would you say is the coolest modeling and/or acting gig you’ve ever done?

I would say the Trunk Club Winter Campaign because it paved the way for a lot more similar opportunities.

What else would you like to share about yourself?

I am truly proud of the work that I have been able to accomplish within the three years that I have been with Guerrero and look forward to everything that will come in the future.